‘Insurers should be ashamed’ of ‘fake’ health insurance claims

Auto insurance companies and health insurers should be “shamed” of their own practices, the head of the International Federation of Insurance Companies (IFIC) said. 

“Insurers need to stop trying to mislead the public about their coverage,” said IFC President Peter Hirschfeld.

“Insurance companies are the ones responsible for the fact that millions of people have lost their health insurance and millions more have had their policies cancelled.”

They have to stop pretending that there is a level playing field for insurers.

“Hirschfeld said insurers should stop pretending the insurance market is stable.”

It’s not,” he said.”

What we see now is that the market is not stable, the risk is growing and premiums are rising faster than incomes.

“If insurers had the courage to show the public that they can offer an insurance plan that meets the needs of the people, then the market would be stable and insurance companies would not have to act as the agents of a financial system.”

Hochfeld’s comments follow calls by several US states and cities to ban insurers from offering insurance plans that offer more coverage than what is offered by traditional companies.

The US House of Representatives voted to prohibit insurance companies from providing health insurance plans to people who are not eligible for government subsidies.

A bill is also pending in the Senate that would ban insurers who do not offer a level-playing field from offering health insurance to people in those states.

The IFIC is calling on the US government to make the rules clearer, including mandating that insurers offer a minimum of three types of insurance plans.

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