The New York Times’ 2018 list of the 10 Best Homes

The New Yorkers who made it to the list are in no particular order.

Here are the best-reviewed properties, which the magazine said are “truly extraordinary” and “inspiring” for their amenities and affordability.

The article lists 11 properties in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Long Island City, and Washington Heights, Queens.

The list is not necessarily comprehensive, but the Times has put the average price of each property on the list.

Here’s a look at the best properties in the boroughs, based on the Times’ list of properties.

The New Yorker’s top-rated property is the former Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

The Times described the building as a “strangely beautiful structure, with its soaring glass walls, a soaring facade and a grand staircase.”

The Times’ best-rated luxury property is on Fifth Ave.

in New York.

The building features three floors of condos, four floors of townhouses, and a rooftop pool.

It also has two floors of two-bedroom apartments.

The property is located at 1125 Fifth Ave., between 57th and 59th Streets.

The interior is furnished with two-car garages, two-story balconies, and three-car garage doors.

The average price for this property is $1.7 million, but that doesn’t include the value of the pool, which is reportedly $100,000.

The former Trump Plaza at 59th and Fifth Streets is also on the best list, with a listing price of $1 million.

The luxury condo tower at 58th Street and 57th Avenue features an open plan penthouse that boasts a rooftop bar and rooftop deck.

The tower’s interior is a modern and contemporary, with wood paneling, glass accents, and polished metal.

The hotel at 58-59 Fifth Avenue, located at 59-60 Broadway, is the best value for its price.

The penthouse features an expansive pool deck and large terrace overlooking the Hudson River.

The price is listed at $3.7M.

The two-floor penthouse at 59 Fifth Ave features a glass canopy, two balconies and a terrace.

The house at 59 First Avenue is priced at $2.4M.

It features an ocean view overlooking the water and features a private rooftop deck overlooking the Manhattan skyline.

The home is on the top floor, and the property’s rooftop pool is one of the best features.

The $1M price tag is slightly lower than the $2M price of the penthouse, but is still very attractive.

The three-bedroom apartment at 61 First Avenue at 60th Street features an exterior that features a large pool, an oversized terrace and terrace deck, and an open kitchen.

The room has a big window and open floor plan, and its size is just right for the space.

The exterior of the building features a custom-designed entrance with a staircase that takes you up to the roof.

The unit comes with a large living room, a full-size bed and breakfast, and is equipped with a full bath, including a separate shower.

The one-bedroom unit is on a deck overlooking a river and has a full kitchen and pantry, plus an open-plan dining room.

The space has a large balcony and terraces overlooking the river.

The apartment has a private deck and patio, and there is a full bathroom.

The suite at 61 Fifth Ave at 60 Broadway has a three-bathroom kitchen with a fireplace and fireplace mantel.

The listing is for a one-bed, two baths, one bedroom, and one bath, which comes with three bedrooms and two baths.

The kitchen includes a built-in stove, a stovetop, and refrigerator, and has three storage areas, one with a microwave and another with a dishwasher.

The condo unit at 62 First Avenue offers an outdoor deck and is designed for people who want a walk-up apartment.

The rooftop deck is large and has private balconies overlooking the ocean.

The pool has a deck that is open, with two large balconies that are directly overlooking the building.

The terrace features a beautiful view of the river and a private balcony with a view of Manhattan.

This condo has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and two walk-ups.

The prices of the two-beds and one-bath apartments are $1,950, $1 to $2,950.

The condos and apartments are located at 57-59 First Avenue between 60th and 61st Streets, and 59-61 Fifth Avenue between 59th Street to 60th Streets, Brooklyn.

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