How to protect yourself from unemployment insurance fraud

By David WicksThe unemployment insurance system has seen a major expansion in recent years, with the federal government promising to help out as many people as possible when they fall behind.

It’s not yet clear how the system will work in practice, however.

And a lot of people have been hit by the scam.

The latest scam involves people signing up for unemployment insurance through a company called The Oregon JobLink, which claims to provide employment and job search information.

In the jobLink ad, applicants are directed to a website that asks if they have an unemployment insurance claim they would like to file.

It then asks if the person would like the benefits to expire.

If the person does not want to be paid for their time spent unemployed, they are then directed to sign up for another company called Car Insurance Company, which will offer to pay the claimant their full benefits.

The company says that if they are approved for the benefits, the claim will be automatically approved and the benefits will be paid out on time.

The claim is supposed to expire in 30 days, but it has apparently only been approved for four.

If this happens, the claimants pay their claim, receive their benefits, and are told they have a “waived” claim.

The claim expires if the claimant’s claim exceeds the amount paid, so the company can’t extend the benefit.

The claimant has to prove they didn’t get the full amount of the claim and have the claim paid.

The Oregon JobLinks website advertises its services as providing unemployment insurance to “everyone who is eligible for unemployment benefits in Oregon.”

The site also states that it is a “non-profit organization”.

But the company has been registered in California, a state that provides unemployment insurance benefits to about two-thirds of the US population.

This week, Oregonians began receiving notices from the Oregon Joblink website informing them that they have been approved to file a claim for unemployment compensation.

It is unclear how many people were affected by the fraud, or whether they will have to pay their claims.

While the fraud has affected hundreds of thousands of people across the country, it is particularly egregious in Oregon, which has one of the largest unemployment insurance rolls in the US.

In addition to people with unemployment, people with other benefits are also affected.

The Oregon Insurance Department said it had received complaints about people being paid by the joblink company for unpaid unemployment insurance payments, and that it was investigating the matter.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of this fraud, contact the Oregon Insurance Fraud Hotline at 800-947-7774 or go to the Oregon Fraud Hotlines website for further information.

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