How to claim a new car insurance policy in Queensland

New car insurance policies in Queensland have been launched with the Queensland Government announcing the launch of an online marketplace where consumers can shop for their new insurance policies.

Key points:Customers can purchase policies through a mobile app that can be used to access the website and pay online, or by visiting the car insurance agency to register for an existing policyThe program will be available to all Australians, including Australians aged 16 and overThe Queensland Government says it will allow customers to claim their policy through a new online portal in conjunction with the State Government and private insurers.

The online marketplace will offer consumers a range of options to compare car insurance rates and access their current policies from a mobile device.

The website will be open to all Queenslanders, including people aged 16 years and over.

Customers who register through the app will then be able to view a range the different options available to them and access the online portal to register.

They can purchase the policy by visiting an authorised vehicle dealer or the Insurance Corporation of Queensland (ICQ).

There will also be a variety of payment options available, including cash, cheque, debit and credit cards.

The launch of the new online marketplace comes after the State government announced last year it would be launching a mobile application for car insurance in Queensland.

The Queensland Insurance Regulatory Authority said the launch was the first step towards offering the same level of consumer protection to consumers in the state.

“Customers will now be able choose the best option for their own financial circumstances,” ASIC Director-General of Consumer Protection and Advocacy Dr Helen Tung said.

“We’re committed to providing a better customer experience to our customers through a wide range of services including mobile phone insurance, online insurance, vehicle insurance and more.”

In the lead up to the launch, we’ve also been working closely with the insurers to ensure they’re delivering the best possible customer experience for their customers.

“Read more:Customs will be able visit a car insurance agent to register with the insurer, pay online or by calling to check if the insurance policy is available in their area.

The new website will offer a range in-store, online and mobile insurance policies, with prices for the more popular policies ranging from $30 to $120 per policy.

The State Government said it will also allow consumers to access their existing policies through the mobile app.

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