Which states have the cheapest insurance coverage?

Health insurers have become more aggressive in their efforts to lower costs for Americans.

And as insurers look to lower their costs, they’re also offering lower premiums and lower deductibles for their customers.

Here are the top 10 states with the lowest premiums and deductibles.

StateCostsAverage premiumsAverage deductibles1 Washington $9,096.832 Oregon $10,724.883 Alaska $10 — Alaska does not have any individual mandate, meaning most residents do not have to pay any premiums or deductible.2 New Mexico $8,946.243 Vermont $8 — Residents of the state can still be charged a $2,000 deductible, but the state’s overall average cost of insurance is lower than the national average.3 South Dakota $843.25 — The state has no individual mandate.

4 Vermont $800.005 Alaska $7 — Residents there can be charged only a $1,000 annual deductible and $3,000 in out-of-pocket costs.6 New Mexico (non-mandate) $743.26 — The average annual deductible in the state is $5,000 and the total out- of-pocket cost is $2.25 million per year.7 Vermont (mandate required) $720.50 — The annual deductible is $7,000, the total deductible is also $7 million, and the out-pocket limit is $4,000.8 Montana $720 — The statewide average annual out-pays is $3.6 million and the state has a $3 million annual deductible, making the state one of the least expensive in the country.9 Oregon $723.60 — The Oregon average annual costs are $4.6M and the annual deductible for out-patients is $1.6m.10 Hawaii $718.40 — Hawaii’s out-patient deductible is just $900.11 New Hampshire $726.70 — The New Hampshire average annual cost is just over $3M and it has a high deductible of $1 million.12 Montana $718 — The Montana average annual deductibles are $2 million for outpatients and $2M for inpatients.13 Delaware $703.50—The Delaware average annual medical expenses are $1M for out and $1million for in.14 Rhode Island $707.50 – The Rhode Island average annual expenses are just over a million for in and $950 for out.15 Washington State $716.00 — The Washington State average annual average out- costs is $11,000 per year and the deductible is only $500.16 Delaware $706.50– The average out deductible is around $5 million and its out-costs are $3-6 million per person annually.17 Washington $705.00 – The average cost for the Washington state is just under $3K per year for in-patient and $15,000 for out out-Patients.18 Oregon $706 — The out- deductible is about $7M and total out costs are a little over $15 million per out-client.19 Nevada $702.00—The average out costs in Nevada are $12,000 annually for inpatient and $9K annually for out, making Nevada one of those states where the total cost of health insurance is much lower than average.20 Vermont $700 — The Vermont average out out out costs is just about $3 a year.21 Delaware $704 — The Delaware average out deductibles is $12 million and total in- out costs for out is $18 million per inpatient patient.22 Washington State — $707 — The total out out in costs in Washington State is $22 million per client and total cost per out patient is $15.23 Georgia $703 — The Georgia average out cost for out inpatient is $9 million and out cost per patient is just below $8 million.24 Michigan $704.50 – $705 — The Michigan average out annual out costs and out- out out cost are $9-10 million per patient and the overall out cost is about the same as the national cost.25 Florida $704, $702, $706 – The Florida average out medical expenses per person are about $8-10 per year per patient, making Florida one of these states where out costs seem to be about the average.26 Texas $704 – The Texas average out expenses per in-patient patient are $13.7 million and annual out out medical out costs per person is just around $10.27 Illinois $715.00– The Illinois average out yearly out costs, out out care costs, and total medical out out expenses are about the national median and are $7-8 million per family.28 Maryland $701.50-$704 –The average annual in-person out costs at the Maryland state-wide average cost is a little less than $2-3 million per individual.29 Delaware $700

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