When to buy dental insurance coverage

The cheapest auto insurance on the market has a new sponsor, but it’s not a big one.

The Federal Trade Commission says it plans to investigate how the health insurance giant Aetna has used its health care brand to drive up premiums.

Aetna says it has not sold or distributed premium plans to its customers.

It has been accused of deceiving consumers, charging too much and deceiving people who have not bought health insurance.

More from the Hill:Aetnea spokeswoman Kristin Miller said the company’s plan was created to meet the needs of its members, and that its members “are not a captive audience for its premium products.”

The FTC says that, based on its research, it found that the Aetanas plans were among the most expensive on the marketplace, with a median premium of $3,095 per year.

That was more than four times the $1,099 the FTC found Aetneas plans cost a typical consumer in the same marketplace in 2016.

An average consumer would pay about $3 more for Aetnanas plans in 2017.

The FTC also found that Aetanias claims and pricing practices were deceptive, including by using misleading data to justify premium increases.

In addition, the FTC said, Aetana and Aetannas used deceptive marketing and advertising to sell insurance products to its members.

The agency is also investigating whether Aetánas violated the Federal Trade Commissioner Act by using its health insurance brand as an inducement for people to purchase Aetanes plans.

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